PT Asuransi Jiwa Inhealth Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) acknowledges the confidentiality of your Personal Data and endeavours to uphold its security while utilizing your Personal Data in compliance with pertinent laws and regulations governing Personal Data Protection.

Through this Privacy Policy, the Company will explain how the Company will use personal data: (i) the Company obtains through providing services to you; and/or (ii) you provide to the Company when accessing and/or using the services and/or facilities provided by the Company. All provisions in this Privacy Policy have been adapted to Law Number 27 of 2022 concerning Personal Data Protection and its amendments as well as other related laws and regulations.

A. Definition of Personal Data

Personal Data is data about individual persons who are identified or can be identified separately or in combination with other information, whether directly or indirectly, through electronic and/or non-electronic systems. The Personal Data to be processed shall include Personal Data that has been provided or will be provided to the Company.

B. Details of the Personal Data that the Company Process

The Company acknowledges the importance for you to know what types of Personal Data you have, which can be processed. These types of data include:

1.  General Data, namely:

 a. Full name;

b. Gender;

c. Nationality;

d. Religion;

e. Marital status;

f. Place and date of birth;

g. National Identity Number on the ID card, Family Card, and Taxpayer Identification Number for Indonesian Citizens;

h. Temporary Stay Permit Card, Passport, Tax Identification Number, and immigration documents for Foreign Citizens;

i. Social Security Agency for Employment  Number and Social Security Agency for Healthcare Number;

j. Address according to ID card;

k. Address and domicile status;

l. Email address;

m. Telephone/mobile number; and/or

n. Emergency contacts including name, telephone number, domicile address, email address, and relationship type with you.

2. Specific Data, namely:

 a. Data Education, employment and cowoker information data, namely: education level and status, educational institution, diploma serial number; type and field of business, employment status, position, division, start year of work/business, company/institution name where you work, address, telephone number, company/institution email where you work; and related coworker information such as name, position, email address, and telephone number;

b. Family and children data, namely: spouse's name, parent’s names, sibling’s names, number of dependents, and name of the person being covered other than the spouse, parent’s, sibling’s, and children; number of children and children's names;

c. Biometric data, namely: voice recordings, image recordings, photos, signature forms (wet and/or electronic), record fingerprints, eye retina and DNA samples;

d. Health data, namely: individual records or information relating to physical, mental health and health services;

e. Financial data, namely: account number, account holder name, Bank name, account type (savings/current account), type of investment, investment account, credit facilities data owned, and credit card number;

f. Digital activity data, namely: geolocation, IP address, your activity on digital applications, your activities on the Company's applications, Company's application interactions on your electronic devices;

g. Personal preference related data, namely: preferences for communication methods and devices, hobbies, and interests.

C. How the Company Obtains Personal Data

The Company may collect your Personal Data from the following actions:

1. From you directly or from any third party who has obtained your permission to process your Personal Data;

2. Your Personal Data information that the Company obtains when you use other products and/or services from the Company;

3. From brokers, agents or other intermediaries who work with the Company to promote and provide products and/or services to you;

4. Cookies, location services, IP addresses when you visit the Company's websites or applications;

5. Personal Data that you fill in when filling out the forms available on the Company's website and/or application; and/or

6. Questionnaires and contact details that you fill out through surveys, conferences, roadshows or other promotional series conducted by the Company.

D. Legality of Personal Data Processing

The basis for processing Personal Data is carried out as long as the Company has fulfilled one or more of the following actions:

1. The Company may receive and/or obtain explicit and valid consent from you or through third parties who have obtained consent from you to process your Personal Data;

2. The Company carries out its rights and obligations based on agreements with you;

3. The Company needs to exercise authority or fulfil obligations based on regulations and orders of law enforcement institution;

4. The Company needs to fulfil your vital interests;

5. The Company needs to perform duties in the public interest and/or public service;

6. The Company needs to fulfil other legitimate interests, while still considering the balance between the Company's interests and your rights.

E. Purposes of Personal Data Processing

Processing of your Personal Data by the Company is carried out for the following purposes:

1. Provision of insurance services by the Company, namely: insurance submission process, insurance risk assessment, policy inssuance, company operational activities, claim and/or reimbursement services, payment of insurance benefits/claims, consumer services and complaints, and provision of insurance services through electronic media by the Company;

2. Provision of insurance services through cooperation with affiliates/third parties  through electronic and/or non-electronic, including health service platforms by affiliates/third parties appointed by the Company;

3. Reinsurance processes;

4. Compliance with regulations, orders from regulators, law enforcement institution, and other competent authorities;

5. Provision of insurance services in the form of co-insurance, reference cooperation with affiliates and/or third parties, and other forms of cooperation between the Company and affiliates and/or third parties;

6. Offer of insurance products and/or services; other services sold by the company; products and/or insurance and non-insurance services from other companies within affiliates and/or other third parties who collaborate with the Company;

7. Provision of health services by health facilities;

8. Employee recruitment processes, employment relationships, or termination of employment relationships.

F. Disclosure of Personal Data

The Company may share your Personal Data information with the Company's affiliates and/or third parties for the limited purpose of providing services or other services.

G. Control and Transfer of Personal Data

In the course of processing your Personal Data, the Company may engage affiliates and/or third parties as either joint controllers and/or processors of Personal Data, whether situated within and/or outside the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, in order to Protection Personal Data in adherence with regulations.

In the event of transferring your Personal Data beyond the borders of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, the Company will take reasonable measures to ensure that the destination country maintains an equivalent (or higher) standard of Personal Data Protection compared to that of Indonesia.

Should the destination country lack an equivalent (or higher) level of protection, the Company reserves the right to proceed with the transfer of your Personal Data, provided such transfer remains compliant with the applicable laws and regulations.

H. Actions that can be taken as a Personal Data Subject

The Company acknowledges that Personal Data is an important asset for you. Therefore, as a Personal Data Subject, you can take the following actions:

1. Memperoleh Informasi dan Akses Obtain Information and Access

You can obtain information and access regarding your Personal Data by submitting a request via the Company's official email, in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations and the Company's policies.

2. Data Correction

You can complete, update, and/or correct inaccurate or incorrect Personal    Data.

3. Use and/or Transfer Personal Data to Third Parties

 You can obtain, utilize, or provide your Personal Data existing with the Company to any third parties, using the communication systems used by the Company.

4. Terminate Processing, Delete and/or Destroy Personal Data

 You can terminate processing, delete, and/or destroy your Personal Data by submitting a request according to the instructions in the Privacy Policy and compliance is carried out within the time specified by the Company.

5. Withdraw Consent

You can withdraw the consent to the processing of Personal Data that you have provided to the Company and agree to provide additional time required by the Company for its fulfillment. You can contact the Company to withdraw this consent via the communication means set out in this Privacy Policy.

6. Object to the Results of Automated Processing

You can object to the results of automated processing of your Personal Data that have legal or significant implications for you.

7. Delay or Limit Processing

You can delay or limit the processing of your Personal Data proportionally according to the purpose of processing your Personal Data, although this may affect the Company's ability to provide products, services, and/or contractual relationships with you.

8. Submit other matters according to the laws and regulations

You can submit any other matters related to the processing of Personal Data as long as regulated by regulations.

It is important to pay attention that the actions of Terminate Processing, Delete and/or Destroy, Withdraw Consent, Object to the Results of Automated Processing, and Delay or Limit Processing that you submit may impact the services provided to you, including contractual relationship. This may result in the discontinuation of products, services, and/or other services, the termination of policies, or the impossibility of fulfilling obligations to you from the Company, affiliates and/or other third parties. All losses arising from these actions are your responsibility, including cancellation of coverage and payment of your obligations arising from premium payments or your use of products, services, and/or other services.

I. Exclusion of Matters as Personal Data Subjects

Company's Obligations in updating and/or correcting errors and/or inaccuracies in Personal Data, providing access to Personal Data Subjects, maintaining the confidentiality of Personal Data, terminating the processing of Personal Data, deleting Personal Data, destroying Personal Data, notifying the deletion and/or destruction of Personal Data, and providing written notification in the event of a failure of Personal Data Protection, are excluded for:

a. National defence and security interests;

b. Law enforcement interests;

c. Public interests in the framework of state administration;

d. Supervisory interests in the financial services, monetary, payment system, and financial system stability sectors carried out in the framework of state administration.

J. Consent and Period for Storage and Processing of Personal Data

All Personal Data that you provide to the Company will be stored on secure electronic storage media. By submitting Personal Data to the Company, Users agree to the transfer, storage and processing to be carried out by the Company. The Company will take reasonable steps necessary to ensure that Personal Data is treated securely and in accordance with the Policy and applicable laws and regulations.

Your Personal Data will be processed by the Company from receipt and will be retained as long as you use the products, services, and/or other services of the Company, or in accordance with the regulations. Processing of Personal Data will end when the relationship between the Company and You ends.

K. Privacy Policy Changes

The Company is committed to maintain the security, privacy of your information and Personal Data. Therefore, this Privacy Policy may be updated in accordance with the Company's practices in processing Personal Data and the provisions of laws and regulations. The latest version of the Privacy Policy you can be accessed through the Company's official website:

Every changes will be communicated through the Company's official communication channels.

L. Contact the Company

For further information about this Privacy Policy, please contact the Company via email at [email protected]


Thank you for your trust.

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